Monthly Budget Template

Monthly Budget & Financial Plan

Budget Template & Financial Plan


The purpose of this Budget Template spreadsheet is to help you create a monthly budget and take control of your money.

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This template will give you a clear look at what you’re spending on a monthly and yearly basis. You can also track how much debt you have and create goals for paying off that debt. Ultimately, it helps you plan and save for the future. Having a plan can take a lot of the stress away from how you feel about your money, and money in general.

What is include in the Plan?

  • Debt & Asset Snapshot – On this tab, you can take a step back from a budget and outline your current debts and assets. This also gives you a place to start from when filling in your budget later, with fixed expenses.
  • Monthly Budget – On this tab, you can outline your monthly budget and track where your actual spending ended up at the end of the month. If you prefer a simple one-month only budget use the next tab called “My Budget – Simple”
  • Financial Goals – On this tab, you can outline a plan for paying off your current debt with any remaining income you have each month and calculate how long it would take etc.
  • Net Worth Calculator & Tracker – On this tab, you can track your monthly Net Worth. Enter your ending balance for all your major accounts: Accessible Cash, Retirement Accounts, Real Estate, and Total Debt. The Chart on the follow tab tracks it visually.
  • Retirement Calculator – The final tab is a retirement calculator, where you can play with sevent different inputs to see how your retirement can pan out.

Retirement Calculator Spreadsheet

Monthly Budget Template

Net Worth Calculator & Tracker

How to Use the Monthly Budget Template & Financial Plan

You can complete as much or as little as you need at a pace that suits you. However, some tabs build off the previous, so start with the 1st worksheet and then the 2nd etc to see if they’re useful. This spreadsheet also works great in tandem with software like or your banks website. Review or look up transactions to develop an accurate budget.

Each tab has a yellow box area on the far right that explains how to use the worksheet. Each worksheet is also partially filled out to give you an example of how it can look like with information. Just clear or type over the cells.

I hope this template saves you time and helps you understand your money a bit more clearly. Happy planning!

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**Disclaimer: This spreadsheet is provided as a tool to get you thinking about and planning for your financial future! I cannot be held liable for any errors, miscalculations or poor decisions made from this tool. Additionally, I am not a Certified Financial Planner (just a finance and spreadsheet geek). Any investment decisions should be discussed with a professional, but if things go wonderfully because of this spreadsheet, you can certainly buy me a drink. 😉