SMART Goals Template

SMART Goals Template

SMART Goals Template Download


Track your annual business or personal development goals with this SMART Goals template. Usable in Excel or Google Sheets.

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What are SMART Goals?

Specific – What, why, where, how?

Measurable – What metric(s) will you use?

Attainable – Do you have the resources and time to accomplish it?

Realistic – Is it relevant and realistic that you can accomplish now?

Timely – By when? and the silent TTracking by month or week.

SMART Goals Template

How to Use a SMART Goals Worksheet:

1. Start with the main categories that you hope to make progress on. If this is for business it could be specific departments or goals. If it’s for personal, it could be areas like health, wealth, happiness, education etc.

2. Cover the “5 W’s” – Who, What, Why, Where, When, and How. Make sure your goal covers all these questions to make it.

3. Is the goal both Attainable and Realistic? These are related items, so you can group them together. Do you have the resources – time, money, attention, tools etc to complete this goal and is it something you can even achieve in the time given with the resources you have.

4. Set a deadline for when the goal should be complete. On this date you should have a clear method of saying “Is this goal complete?” The answer should be able to be a YES or NO.

5. Use Weekly or monthly tracking to keep tabs of progress on your goals. Tracking weekly or monthly metrics that are associated with your goal will help you know how you’re doing and course correct on the way to your goal. This is the difference between setting goals on Jan 1 and then realizing on Dec 31 that the goals isn’t complete. Instead you’re realizing after the first month or two what needs to change or how quickly you’re progressing.

I hope this template saves you a bit of time so you can jump right into creating SMART Goals instead of starting a template from scratch. Happy planning!

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